Saturday, September 26, 2009

Woo Hoo finally started me a blog!!

Ok guys I have finally started the oh so popular blog, it seems to be the thing these days so I will try to make it interesting and informative and most importantly I will try to keep up with it, LOL!

So let me tell you a bit about myself for those who don't know me personally. My name is JaNae and I am the original Kountry Bumpkin. In 1996 I started the business Kountry Bumpkins while I was living in Panama with my Army hubby Kevin. There was limited jobs there so luckily for me I moved in a neighborhood of crafters. Now coming to Panama I was a bookkeeper/receptionist and even when I painted with the local "professional" crafty ladies I swore I didn't know how they were doing it to actually make money, BAHAHA!! Look at me now!! Anyway Kountry Bumpkins started out as a home show business, I was gonna be the next "Pampered Chef" story, LOL!! Needless to say after 13 years of moving and trial and error to include some bad decisions, but ones I learned from and as long as I learned from them I don't count them as lost moments, anyway here I am running a successful website, building my biz on this new thing called Etsy and getting ready to be involved in the store of my dreams called My Favorite Things and who knows maybe somewhere down the road I'll actually be a partner in ownership of that store, but for now I am satisfied in offering as much knowledge and help as I can to see the success of this venture. So that's "me" in a nutshell at least the business side of me. I'll save the "family" side of me for another post. Thanks for visiting and checkback often as I will offer specials and giveaways and even maybe a recipe now and then. Happy Fall Y'all!!