Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I hope everyone is having a great day and spring weather!! I have been busy here as usual with more than one project. I think I have ADD and it is impossible for me to concentrate on only one thing at a time. Sorry Terry I guess you do after all get it from your Mom, love ya son!! The most exciting news is that I am working on a new website with new graphics and am LOVE LOVE LOVING it!! I am shooting to launch the 1st of April so please check it out. I was worried I might be losing some with the old graphics and that folks thought I only made military signs and that's not the case at all. So to add to the many new military signs I have I will be getting my everyday for every person signs on this new site for all to enjoy. Not too mention that my military enjoy a sign that is not necessarily military themed as well, LOL. So I hope it is well received. I will also be venturing into some cyber parties product parties so stay tuned for the details on that!! So I am off to do some painting and wait for some deliveries. I hope you and your families are well!! Take care!!

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  1. Sounds so exciting! Can't wait for the reveal! Have a wonderful week~