Thursday, April 1, 2010


OK friends I am going to be a total downer right now, but I am so mad and so sad at the same time that I really feel I have to put this out there. There are three things in my life that are a constant for me...God, my family and my military family. Recently in the news there is a man whose son was killed on active duty serving in Iraq in 2006. When this child/man, he was 20 so he is a child to me, was brought home to be laid to rest by his parents a church group Westboro Babtist Church from Kansas protested outside this Marine's funeral. The images of signs that say "God hates soldiers" was probably the one that got me the most, but there were plenty of others here's some samples..."God loves IEDs", "God loves dead soldiers", "Thank God for dead soldiers"....absolutely disgusting and makes me wanna cry every time I hear and see these because I know my God is far from what these people are calling truth. They are actually protesting against homosexuals and say that God is punishing America and that's why we are at war. Now how they are thinking it's to do this at a funeral is beyond me, but they do and they are unfortunately getting the attention they want, but in any case Albert Snyder Matthew's father is taking this group to the Supreme Court and the case was approved to be heard yesterday. He trying to make it so this group can't protest at these service member's funerals. I for one am going to contribute to this cause by donating 10% of my website sales to this cause and I encourage you to contribute if you can or at least go to Mr Snyder's website. There is a link there where you can find the contact information for your state representatives and you can let them know how you feel on this issue. The website address is and maybe send an encouraging word to this family. What a personal sacrifice they have already made and continue to make. Thanks for listening!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend and remember the sacrifice our Lord made for us as well on Good Friday. God bless you all and God bless our service members who are serving to protect our freedoms that some take for granted and use irresponsibly. God bless America!!

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  1. I RAGE when I see those so called Baptists. My fiance and I have put serious thought into starting a fund to go and protest them. As far as I am concerned it is a hate crime to go and taunt people at funerals.
    I will join you happily.